Should You Plan Your Funeral Earlier?

It’s very easy to get caught in the moment and overlook just how swiftly time flows in our lives. Eyes wide, time stops but a year can go by without noticing, until the leaves start to drop. The fact that we are mortal cannot be escaped. While some may live to be a hundred or more, others may not even get to turn four. Yet in all the moments that we experience in our lives, Death is the one we are always least prepared for.

Planning for a funeral is something few people want to undertake whether it’s for someone else or yourself. You might be wondering about this though, ‘Should you be planning your funeral before you are even past your prime?’  As macabre as it sounds, planning your own funeral is something you should prepare for earlier and here’s why:

Reduce Stress for Loved Ones

A funeral is never an easy experience, particularly for the ones who love you. Often times, they are the ones who are left to shoulder the brunt of the mechanics of the day. For them, it can be an excessively stressful time as they struggle through their grief and try to ensure that the funeral happens as you would have wanted and in the correct manner.

Everything According to Your Specifications

While burials are the norm, you may have a preference for cremation so make sure you take care of those arrangements if your family isn’t aware about your choice. When you plan your funeral in advance, you are the one who gets to call the shots.

Whether you want a bunch of white doves released as you are interred or want a rock band to start playing, you can get those details added without any objections from anyone. From the colour of your casket to the kind of music played in your service, this is one day where you can literally plan every single thing and people will not question it.

Helps Tie off Any Loose Ends

When you pre-plan your funeral, you have time to identify and tie off any loose ends that might appear. These could be the little details which get overlooked but become huge problems on the day such as picking the site for burial, picking the casket, a burial vault if you want one, a funeral director and more. This avoids confusions and makes the whole process more airtight with no room for errors then.

Takes Financial Weight off Their Shoulders

A funeral is a heavy financial affair. There are the costs of the burial plot or vault, the funeral director, the casket and more to consider. Add the expenses of the service and in some cases, your funeral may end up costing as much as a small budget wedding. Moreover, people will try to up-sell, whether it’s a casket or other details of your service.

Their main aim is to drive the price up so they can earn more money but if you already have the details done and paid for; you not only save money but also take the financial weight of your family’s shoulder. Heart wrenching grief and crippling debt aren’t very good parting presents to leave behind for anyone.

Should You Plan Your Funeral Earlier?